Collect 4 Troops

We have completed this effort.  Many thanks to all of you who have donated items to ship, money to ship them with and your time to make this work.

Here are some number relating to our Troop Collections.  Can you match them up?

A) 1 B) 26 C) 710 D) 96
E) 3200 F) 3300 G) 760  

1) Declared value of items shipped
2) # of pounds shipped
3) # of boxes shipped
4) # of months from 1st donation to close of project
5) # of dollars donated to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center
6) # of envelopes mailed
7) # of items donated/shipped (estimated)

2007 Media Event: In August, we had a media event to publicize our donation of 80 boxes that were ready to ship out.  Thanks to those who have donated towards postage for this cause.  We had several TV stations come out, a call-in phone interview as well as an article in the G R Business Journal article & Business Update article.

hank you!
Promotion Committee

Theresa Sickles, Chair                            Randy Brink
Rhonda Huismann                                   Harriet Perdue
Jack VandeGuchte                                  Ellen Zierleyn