Previous Speakers & Topics

 2017/2018  Speaker  Topic

 Facilitator Led

 Mini Roundtables

October  Fred Keller of Cascade Engineering  Company Community Involvement
November  John Rogers & Nathan Steffan of HNI  Return to Work Strategies / Impact  of a Claim
January  Garry Boyd of Barfly Ventures  Brewing Industry Updates *& Future W Mi Growth
February  Dr. Paul Isely of GVSU  Economic Update
March  Adam Strong - MDOT  Prevailing Wages
April  David Hooker (FMG) & Jeremy Amshey (OAK)  Meijer Gardens expansion
May  Kimberly Miehlke of Plant Moran  Generational Differences & Office Culture
2016/2017  Speaker  Topic
 September  Kevin Schulte of Burton Precision & Carl Turek of MI Drone Pros  Technology in Construction
 October  Bill Ballenger of the Ballenger Group  Political Update - Joint Meeting with  ABC & ASA 
 November  Bob VandePol of Pine Rest   Crisis Leadership
 January  Mike Guswiler of West MI Sports Commission   Impact of Increased Sports Facility Construction 
 February  Andrea Selke of Cyber security Consulting Cyber Security 
 March  Education Summit  1/2 Seminar 
 April  Bill Kowalski of Rehmann Fraud, Cyber Crimes & the Bottom Line 
 May  Paul Troub of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago  Federal Economic Update
 2015/2016  Speaker   Topic 
 September  George Hagad of Ada Township & Michael Ozer of Progressive AE  Ada Village Redesign 
 October  Eric Smith of Beene Garter  IRS Exams 
 November  Joint Meeting with ABC & ASA  Navigating the Gap in Skilled Trades 
 February  Lamar - The Fallout Part 1  
 March  Lamar - The Fallout Part 2  
 April  Lamar - The Fallout Part 3  
 2014/2015   Speaker   Topic
September  Brian Calley, Justin Amash, Ken Yonker
Political / Election update: Join meeting w/ ABC & ASA
 October Tripp Vanderwall - Miller Johnson
 Health Care Reform
 November Scott Petree of Plante Moran; Scott Irwin of Aktion; Ken Julien of Plante Moran
 Technology Seminar
 December    NO MEETING
 January Jill May of the Right Place
 Right Place Update
 February David Barrons - Beene Garter
 Sales & Use Tax update
 March TJ Ackert
 Succession Planning
 April Ethan Anderson of Rehmann
 Economic Update
 May Andy Atwood
 Conscious Capitalism
 Speaker  Topic
 September  Tom VandenBosch
 Mini Roundtables
 October  Trip Vanderwal with Miller Johnson
 Healthcare Update
 November  Duke Suwyn with Colliers International
 Real Estate Market Update
 January  Dawn Simpson with Trivalent Group
 Technology/Disaster Recover
 Paul Isely with GVSU
 Economic Update
 March  Mercantile Bank
 Banking - Innovations in Technology
 April  Chris Roe with MDOT
 Prevailing Wage
 May  David Barrett with Cascade Engineering
 Employee Retention
 2012/2013  Speaker  Topic
 September  Bill Ballender
 Political Update
 October  Tim Mroz with The Right Place
 West Michigan Political Update
 November  Ken Julien with Plante Moran
 Strategies to Improve Margins
 January    Leadership, Grand Rapids
 February  Rehmann Group
 National Economic Update
 March  Keith Eastland of Miller Johnson
 Right To Work
 April  Steve Hilger of Hilger Hammond
 Top Ten Contract Killers
 May  Jim Berry of Bevelwise
 Social Media, Web, Electronic Marketing
 2011/2012  Speaker  Topic
 September  Douglas Koopman
 Political Update
 October  David Barrons
 Planning for Michigan Tax Reform
 November  Michelle McHale with Plante Moran
 Fraud Prevention
 January  Mike Poggi & Ben Hammond
 Casuality Insurance - Beyond the Basics
 February  Bob VanderPoi
 Managing Human Factors During a Crisis
 March  Bob O'Brien
 How to Avoid Litigation
 April  James Moyer with Pioneer Construction
 GVSU Projects
 May  Vera Gishkina
 Workplace Literacy
 2010/2011  Speaker  Topic
 September  Tim Skubick
 Political Update
 October  George Bosnjak
 Economic Update
 November  David Barrons
 Multi State/Nexus Tax Update
 January  Gregory Ripple
 Technology Update
 February  O'Keefe & Associates
 Know Your Bank Covenants
 March  Nate Plantinga
 Legal Issues in Using Social Media
 April  Kelley Losey
 Sustainability / Triple Bottom Line
 May  Sarah Tountas
 Health Care Reform Update
 2009/2010  Speaker  Topic
 September  Dave Strong & Steve Hilger
 Stimulus Impact on Construction
 October  David Littmann
 The Economy, Construction & Banking
 November  David D. Teater
 Dangers of Mobile Device Use
 January  Jaime Mills
 Health Care Reform
 February  Herb Brownett
 Prequalification Management
 March  Steve Heacock
 What is Happening at the VAI
 April  Darlene Regula
 Leadership Development
 May  Sam Cummings
 Real Estate Update
 2008/2009  Speaker  Topic
 September  Rick Albin
 Election Update
 October  Lou Glazier
 Michigan Future
 November  David Barrons
 MBT Update
 January  Peter Kok & Nathan Plantinga
 Employee Free Choice Act
 February  Ken Vander Meeden
 Current Issues / Scams
 March  Susan Im
 I-9 Compliance
 April  Bill Foley
 Innovation Works
 May  Mark Northuis
 Sports Kinesiology / Stress Exercise
 2007/2008  Speaker
 September    Mi Single Business Tax Update
 October  Thomas Hines
 Job Site Security & Anti Theft Techniques
 November  Ray DeWinkle
 The Right Place - West Mi Economy
 January  Linda Barar
 Blood Drive Awareness
 February  Ron Scott
 Generational Diversity
 March  Jonathan Bradford
 April  Jeff Robinson
 Recruiting & Retaining Key Employees
 May  Nathan Steffen
 Safety Pay - Panel Discussion
 2006/2007  Speaker
 September  Steve Heacock
 October  Rick Albin
 New MSU Medical School
 November  Steve McCallick
 November Elections
 January  Dr. Don Topp, Phychologist
 Estimating/Accounting for Heavy Highway
 February  Aileen Leipprandt
 Lein Law Update
 March  Paul Richards
 Insurance & Risk Transfer
 William B Smith
 Fraud in the Workplace
 May  Jonathon Holcomb
 Green Building
 2005/2006  Speaker  Topic
 September  Michael Sulgrove
 October    Tax Law Update
 November    Heavy / Highway
 January  Rick Smith
 White Collar Crime
 February  Chad Griffeth
 Fiduciary Liability
 March  Martin Marino
 Medicare/Medicare Part D
 April  Brent Rector
 How to Fire an Employee
 May  Dan Carter
 Construction/Real Estate in China
 2004/2005  Speaker
 October  Rick Albin
 Election Analysis
 November  Mike Molaro
 CFMA National & You
 January  Robert Stone
 Human Resource Update
 February  Tim Crossman
 West Michigan Economic Review
 March  George Erickcek
 Economic Outlook for West Michigan
 2003/2004  Speaker
 September  Jim Childress
 Metropolitan Hosiptal
 October  Forest Krantz & David Gibbs
 CFMA Certification Program
 November  Doug Vander Aa
 Income Tax Update
 January  Tom Doyal
 Construction Update
 February  Birgit Klohs
 Economic Development
 March  Ed Kisscorni
 MI Sales Tax for Construction
 April  Robert Carter
 Steel Price Increases
 May  Pat Monea & Pat Cebelak
 Contractor Prequalification
 2002/2003  Speaker
 September  Dan Laubusch
 Retirement Plans
 October  Dr. Doug Koopman
 Political Update
 November  Sandra Katt
 VIA Research Update
 January  Dr. Phil Johnson
 How to Tune-Up Your Business
 February  Rob Geyer
 Accounting Prof Update
 March  Scott Lane
 Berlin Raceway
 April  Stephanie Litaker
 MDOT / Transportation Update
 May  Mr. Jay Peters
 Lakeshore Update
 2001/2002  Speaker
 September  Bob Kaser
 G R Griffins Update
 October  Rehman Robson
 Tax Changes
 November Bob Deverman
 Convention Center
 January  Mike Kergis
 Space Is Special
 February  Keith Lamb
 Wireless Field Communicaitons
 March  David Gibbs
 Cheese, Change & CFMA
 April  Thane Belen
 Technology - Internet
 May  Panel Discussion
 PEO's - Outsourcing
 2000/2001  Speaker
 Ed Kisscorni
 Sales & Use Tax for Contractors
 October  Dr. Andrew Atwood
 Dealing with Difficult People
 November  Dr. Doug Koopman
 Political / Economic Update
 January  Steve Earl
 S Curve Update
 February  Dr. Michael Washburn
 Future Growth / School Construction
 March  Birgit Klohs
 Grand Rapids Developement
 April  Brent Dennis
 Construction Update: Meijer Gardens
 May  Steve Trainor
 1999/2000  Speaker
 Phil Land
 REGIS GIS Systems
 October  Steve Earl - MDOT
 November  Advantage Benefits Group
 Self Funded Health & Cafe Plans
 January  Rob Geyer
 Succession Planning
 February  Ray Fix - Progressive A & E
 Design / Build
 March  Andy Anuzis - ABC
 A Political Update
 April  All Day Seminar
 George Hedley Seminar
 May  Las Vegas Night
 10th anniversary Dinner
 1998/1999  Speaker
 September  Ed Kisscorni
 Mi Sales & Use Tax for Contractors
 October  Dr. Louis Tomatis
 Van Andel Research Institute
 November  National City Bank
 Purchase Cards
 January  Dan Beahan
 West Michigan Grand Prix
 February    Internet (in leu of Vern Ehlers)
 March  Susan Shannon
 Renaissance Zones & Brownfields
 April  Bob Sack
 Grand Rapids Rampage
 May  Chief Harry Dolan
 The Precincting of Grand Rapids
 September  John Canepa
 Downtown Revitaliztion
 October  Panel  Employee Benefits
 November  Carl Johnson / Chris Brinks
 Internet Construction Apps
 January  Dan Beahen
 Grand Rapids Grand Prix
 February  Campbell Agency
 Employee Leasing
 March  Irv Cohen
 Worker's Compensation
 April  General Growth
 Grandville Mall
 May  Paul LeBlanc
 Land Usage Issues
 1996/1997  Speaker
 September  Rob Geyer
 October  Dan Carter
 Creative Compensation
 November  Dr. Doug Koopman
 Political Outlook
 January  Norm Devine
 G R Hoops
 February  John Canepa
 Grand Action
 March  Harry Singh
 Economic Forecast
 April  Keven O'Neil
 G R Public Schools
 May  Ginny Seyferth
 Marketing / PR