Getting involved at the National Level with Jennifer Murphy

We asked Jennifer to tell us about her experience being involved at the national level, how it has helped her and to tell us more about her responsibilities. Here answers show the amazing benefits of being involved in CFMA. 

As I was finishing up my 6-year Board term with the local Western Michigan chapter, I was asked if I would be interested in being involved at the National Level.  After being on the Board in Western Michigan and being a past President of the chapter, I wanted to find a way to stay involved with CFMA as I love the organization and all that it has given to me professionally & personally, so I agreed to start doing things at the National Level.

I love the amazing contacts I have been able to make that are so full of knowledge about this industry that you have a massive rolodex at your fingertips for any problem you might be facing that you need assistance with.  I also love the networking, and friendships I have all over the country now as well as some of my closest friends here in Western Michigan that I have due to CFMA.  Being involved at both levels has helped me to grow as a leader and it allows me to help others become more involved and passionate about CFMA.

At the National Level, I am in my 3rd term on the Executive Committee and we meet quarterly with the Officers of CFMA and staff of CFMA headquarters to make sure we are addressing issues in the organization and working on the Strategic plan of CFMA.  I am also on the National Finance Committee, Sub-Specialty Committee and National Conference Planning Committee.  Locally, I still am on the Golf Committee and continue to be in the Roundtable groups.