Awards Ceremony

The Western Michigan Chapter of CFMA presents a Member of the Year Award to one of its members each year.  


This award is given to a member to recognize their contribution to the leadership, development, and/or promotion of the chapter. The member selected for the award is chosen by a committee; including the current president and the 4 most recent recipients of the Award. 

There are no specific criteria for this Award; it is given at the discretion of the committee. Past presidents are often nominated or chosen for the award since the Chapter's Succession Plan in effect requires that the President have been involved in leadership for several years. And even though the bylaws do not allow for associate members to be president, the award has been given to several associate members because we are fortunate in having many associate members who are very active and supportive of the Chapter. In the fall of 2005, the name of the award was changed to the LaForest Krantz Member Achievement Award in memory of LaForest Krantz. LaForest was active in CFMA both locally and at the National Level. Forest and his wife died in an auto crash in April 2005 while returning from a vacation trip.



LaForest Krantz Member Achievement Award Recipients


Scott Bishop 2022/2023

Aileen Leipprandt 2021/2022

Ken Bos 2020/2021 

Victor Sturgis 2019/2020

Jennifer Murphy 2018/2019

Mike Waalkes 2017/2018

Tom VandenBosch 2016/2017

Todd Hanson 2015/ 2016

Steve Huisjen 2014/2015

Shanna Reynolds 2013/2014

Randy Brink 2012/2013

Jake Berzkalns 2011/2012

David Smith 2010/2011

Rhonda Huismann 2009/2010

Harriet Perdue 2008/2009

Jack VandeGuchte 2007/2008

Ellen Zierleyn 2006/2007

Jon Lunderberg 2005/2006

Dan Challa 2004/2005

Robert Frostick 2003/2004

Dennis Woiderski 2002/2003

Kathy Ball 2001/2002

Ann Plummer 2000/2001

Lori Visser 1999/2000

David Gibbs 1998/1999