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CFMA Western Michigan Roundtable Program


Our Roundtable program began in 1997 as a format to allow Associate and General members to connect and learn from each other. Each year more than a third of our membership participates in these groups. The forums provide networking as well as problem-solving opportunities.


Each Roundtable group consists of a good cross-section of the construction industry - general contractors, subcontractors, CPAs, attorneys, sureties, etc.  All discussions are confidential and only one representative per company is allowed in each roundtable. Confidentiality statements are signed at the first Roundtable meeting in October to ensure open discussions by members during the sessions.


The Roundtable groups meet at the same time each month from October through May or June. The October meeting is an orientation and member introduction meeting usually at the facilitator’s office. The facilitator chooses a topic to discuss at this meeting. The Hosts (and Recorders) are scheduled and any paperwork that needs to be filled out is completed at this meeting.

​The Host of each meeting is free to choose a topic of discussion. The subject matter can be a specific business problem he/she has encountered or a general discussion about a business topic. Some of the topics discussed in the prior year’s Roundtable program included:  technology spending, covenants not to complete, regulating employee internet and e-mail use, the construction lien process, equipment costing, workers’ compensation, document imaging, and succession planning.

New round table groups are formed each fall. If you are interested in participating in the next group of Roundtables, look for an email with more information in your inbox this fall. Space is limited.


CFMA Roundtable Program Rules


CFMA members only.

  • No guests or substitutes are allowed.
  • No more than 9 members per Roundtable group.
  • Regular attendance is very important. Your input is valuable to the host and other members of the Roundtable. 
    (We are requesting members attend a minimum of 6 of the 8 meetings)
  • As a courtesy to other Roundtable participants, please be on time for each meeting.

A Facilitator will be assigned to each Roundtable, that person will remain constant throughout the entire year. The Facilitator will be chosen by the CFMA Program Committee. Each meeting will have a Host and a Recorder (optional), rotating each month. Their responsibilities are outlined below. The Roundtable will meet for eight or nine consecutive months, as determined by the group.

Participants should come to meetings prepared. Including reading all information that has been sent from the Host, as well as making an effort to become familiar with the meeting topic. Each member is given the opportunity to offer input on the current subject.



  • Will be responsible for running the first orientation meeting.
  • Will communicate with each host two weeks prior to the next scheduled Roundtable meeting to review the agenda, make sure the meeting notices are being prepared and e-mailed and that a meeting location has been secured.
  • Will call each Roundtable meeting to order and stress the confidentiality of all matters discussed.
  • Will be the liaison between the Roundtable group and the CFMA Program Committee, reporting to them regularly. Will provide a list of topics and meeting attendees for each meeting
  • Responsible for keeping the Roundtable discussions focused on the agenda.


  • Choose the topic of discussion for their assigned Roundtable meeting and prepare an agenda. Each meeting will last approximately one and one-half hours.
  • The meeting can either be held at the Host’s place of business, or at a location off-site to be reserved by the host. Serve a simple meal, whether it is the breakfast or lunch Roundtable meeting. (Danish/muffins, sandwiches, pizza, coffee, soft drinks, etc.)  The Host will be responsible for the expense.
  • A meeting notice will be e-mailed to each participant approximately 7 days prior to the scheduled meeting date. The Host will include an outline of the topic of discussion and any light research he/she may have to help prepare the members for the meeting.
  • The Host will provide an overview of their company and the discussion topic after the meal has completed. The group will then spend time meeting individually offering ideas and solutions. The Facilitator will guide the order of the individual comments and/or solutions.


  • Take minutes of the meeting, submit them to the Host for approval.
  • The recorder is the Host of the next meeting.
  • Recorder distributes minutes to the group members after the Host’s approval. These should be e-mailed along with the meeting notice for the next month - at least 10 days prior to the meeting date.